Manchester Polio Group

BPF​ ​Financial​ ​Results​ ​Summary​ ​for​ ​2016:

Its​ ​Purpose​ ​&​ ​Mission​ ​is:
Provision of information, advocacy, welfare & support
Supporting a Regional, Branch and Group Structure
Raising the organisation’s profile including to professionals
Develop a worldwide alliance

Total​ ​Income:​ ​ ​£831,763​ ​ ​Total​ ​Expenditure:​ ​ ​£1,133,753​ ​ ​Operating​ ​Deficit:​ ​ ​£301,990

Cash and cash equivalents at end 2016 was £289,669 – so a trend towards a similar
Operating Deficit to 2016 of £301,990 during 2017 will mean they’ll probably need to start
selling some of their Stocks and Shares within the next few months if they’re to be able to
carry on paying staff on time (unless they borrow from the bank). I reckon the Operating
Deficit of a third of a million pounds more than the income is definitely what triggered the
letter from the National Chairman re ‘watching the cashflow’.

However, the value of their purchased office has risen by £107k and the value of their
investments (mostly Government funds and Investment & Unit Trusts) has risen by £117k
resulting in the ‘net reduction in funds’ in the year of only £77k rather than a third of a
million. It means the balance sheet overall looks fine.

The ground floor of the purchased office is BPF office space and is a ‘Tangible Fixed Asset’ in
the accounts whilst the upper ‘mezzanine floor’ is rented out and its commercial value
treated as an ‘Investment Asset’ in the accounts.

Some​ ​stats:

Helpline​ ​calls​ ​received: 2,633 (roughly double 2015’s because of DLA-PIP transitions)
PIP Applications 99
ESA Applications 12
PIP Appeals 39 (it doesn’t say whether some of these were in the 99)
ESA Appeals 8 ( ditto in the 12)
Benefit Checks 25
Attendance Allowance 2
DLA Applications (aged < 16) 3

Disability​ ​Benefits​ ​Increase​ ​as​ ​a​ ​result​ ​of​ ​helping​ ​people: £398,788​ ​a​ ​year

As well as above list, calls covered injury claims and ‘advocating with a landlord over repairs’

Welfare Grants: £3,849
Heating Grants: £10,800
(Plus signposted to other grant sources)

Also provided​ ​Admin​ ​Support​ ​to​ ​some​ ​Branches​ ​– I wonder what this was?
Expert​ ​Panel:​ ​Researched into subject matter and created the content for PPS booklet. The

Expert Panel only cost £3,500 to run and facilitate in 2016 so seems good value.

Membership​ ​of​ ​the​ ​BPF​ ​at​ ​end​ ​2016:​ 7,210
(so it’s only 7,210/120,000 ie only 6%​ of people in UK who’ve had polio)

Burnham Holiday Bungalow made £9,000 profit

Purple Hound web site made £600 profit (early days, it’s not been going long…)

The cost of raising funds was £109k (£88k on two staff wages)

The office Mezzanine Floor lost £3k (it cost £4.7k, income was £1.7k it must now be sub-let)

Socials, Outings and Holidays £164k – I wonder what this covers?

Heating Grants cost £8k (ie average 8040/7210 ie average £1.12 per member)

One employee (ie Ted)​ ​earned​ ​‘between​ ​£70,000​ ​and​ ​£80,000’​ in 2016
[his benefit package such as car etc would be on top of that]

There’s a fund for ‘Regional​ ​Restricted​ ​Funds​’ [£3,331 spent in 2016]