My Story

This page is for polio survivors to share their stories and memories, recently Sue sadly passed away. In memory we tell her story. 

Sue’s Story

I live in the town of Stockport. I was born on 12th December 1949 and at the age of three months I contracted Polio.

My Mother had taken me to see a Doctor, she was worried that something was wrong with my leg, only to be told she was over reacting and not to worry. She was determined to have a second opinion, and this Doctor was French. During the examination he stuck a needle in my foot to check for reaction but there was no feeling. The Polio had travelled down my left side but mainly in my leg.

I tried my best to be a happy child and just got on with life. When I was three I had to be fitted with a calliper, and the man said he had never seen anyone so small with one before.

Polio reminds me of people who have had strokes.

At three years of age my Mother had to take me for Physiotherapy, and in those days they did not allow trolleys on the buses and my Mother had to push me everywhere. My Mother was informed that the W.V.S. would help in cases like ours, and a lady from the W.V.S. came into my life. This lady continued to take me for treatment all through my school years and was like a second Mother to me. This same lady died October 2004 aged 98 she had no children of her own and looked upon me as her adopted Daughter, and was kindness itself all her life.

I started work as a machinist when I left school and made some lovely friends who are still with me today.

I met my husband when I was eighteen and have been married for 46 years.

We have a beautiful Daughter and 2 gorgeous Granddaughters.

We live in a small two bedroom bungalow which is lovely, until recently I used to drive a car with hand controls. I have a lovely family and feel very rich.

By Susan Garraway.