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July Meeting

There were 7 members present, with apologies from 4 members.

It was nice to see Bryan up and back following his recent illness, but member Jean is still recovering from her operation and we look forward to seeing her at the next meeting.

Secretary HOLIDAY Report:

Holiday is very hot and sticky, temperatures between 28/32, so I am not enjoying it fully and having to take a siesta at 2ish for an hour each day.

We have been on lake Garda for 16 nights and spent four days driving down, we are currently in Colmar just over the Swiss border and we should then arrive home Friday or Saturday am.

We have been to Verona and stayed two days to see open air operas  Carmen and then
Ieda. Well done by the company as on the Friday night watching carmen we had a shower of rain that lasted about thirty minutes. Great fun watching the players running for cover while we "enjoyed the shower, it did make it a lot cooler"

We have also had visits to Sirmione, and a lot of lovely places as well as sharing a week
with our son his wife and our new 6month old granddaughter.
We will then have to get the washing and ironing done because we then return to Italy
For the baby's christening on the 26th July and then a weeks holiday again in Tuscany
with them and all the rest of my family. So all 13. We will then arrive home on the 12th August.

Wishing you all a happy and warm summer, I understand we are expecting a downpour towards the weekend.

Regards Mike


Chairman Report

Beryl not at meeting so no report.


Treasurer Report

Eric gave an account of the groups finances up to this meeting.


Any Other Business

Eric said he had updated the Help and Support Manchester website with the groups details and said he was impressed with a reference to Accessible Travel and Leisure, a company that has provided holidays for disabled holidaymakers, wheelchair users and less-mobile travellers. It says it understands the challenges disabled people face and it lists a number of medical conditions it has provided holidays for of which Polio was one of them.


We have been in touch with Robert Fulford at Salford University who is looking for caliper wearers to assist in the training of it's new orthotic students. He specifically needs caliper wearers who can give a bit of their time to show his students how they manage their older type calipers and give some insight into the problems they may have wearing them. Unfortunately he is not in the position to offer new calipers to the wearers but would be willing to pay travel expences for your trouble. Anyone interested can contact him direct on 0161 295 8178 or email:


Eric said since April he had been experiencing a pain in his upper lip on the right hand side which sometimes ran from under his eye down the side of his nose that felt like an electric shock, mainly when eating or drinking, washing and shaving. At first he thought it was probably a dental problem but was assured by his dentist all was ok. A visit to the Doctor saw a course of antibiotics for a week but still the pain. After some time on Google he thought that it could be Trigeminal Neuralgia a side effect of the Polio virus based on the following statement from the SteadyHealth website on PPS.
"The virus can affect the motor neurons that control the various muscles of eyeball movements; the trigeminal nerve and facial nerve which innervate cheeks, tears, gums, and muscles of the face."
A further visit is planned to the Doctor and Eric says he will bring this up has a possible cause for the pain.


The National Chairman, David Mitchell had been letter writing again and this time it was on Assessment Centres (copy below)

"Those of us helping people navigate the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) system know the problems but people declared fit for work because the assessment centre wasn’t wheelchair accessible is beyond a joke. A recent survey of our members with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) shows that accessibility is one of their key concerns and reports that two in five are sent to non-accessible centres is another reason why.

Removing benefits from those who couldn’t attend an assessment centre not wheelchair accessible is outrageous. One could be forgiven for thinking the aim is to reject as many as possible. This impression could be dispelled with a pledge that no one with a disability will be sent for assessment in a building the disabled can’t access. That is so obvious, I can’t believe I am writing it and the government should be looking into cases where this has not been the case as a matter of urgency.

It took too long to recognise the appalling way the Windrush generation were treated and the scandal of the way people with disabilities are treated could well be next. If I were Esther McVey, I would be making sure I wasn’t the next Amber Rudd by ensuring these practices are addressed and stopped. PIP may well have been designed with best intentions, but is having unintended (I hope) consequences for many of the most vulnerable in our society.

The British Polio Fellowship continues to support those who had Polio and the 120,000 in the UK who now live with PPS but we should not need to help those now scared of, and mis-assessed for PIP if the system worked as it should. If you need our support, call us now on 0800 043 1935 or visit"

Some members had come across this in their experiences and the general thought was that if you had to report for an assessment, before going enquire has to how accessible the venue was.


It was reported that the government has changed the rules over PIP reviews, Instead of every two years the follow up review will now be ten years with a promise that the reassessment will only be a "light touch" review. At the moment this only applies to those on the highest level of PIP and disabled groups and charites are hoping to get this ammended to cover more disabled people.


Lastly Eric read out a report that had come to his attention regarding Old Aged Pension



Remember, not only did you and I contribute to our Pension, our employer did, too. It totalled 15% of your income before taxes.

If you averaged only £15 000 over your working life, that's close to £220,500. Read that again. Did you see anywhere that the Government paid in one single penny?

We are talking about the money you and your employer put in a Government bank to ensure that you and I would have a retirement pension from the money we put in, it was not money that the Government had any right to spend elsewhere.

Now they've started to call the money we paid in an
'entitlement' when we reach the age to take it back.

If you calculate the future invested value of £2500 per year
(yours & your employer's contribution) at a simple 5%
interest (that's less than what the govt. pays on the money that it borrows from overseas), after 49 years of working you'd have £892,919.98.

If you took out only 3% per year, you'd receive £26,787.60 per
year and it would last better than 30 years (that means until you're 95 if you retire at age 65) and that's with no interest paid on that final amount on deposit!

If you bought an annuity with the money and it paid 4% per year, you'd have a lifetime income of £1976.40 per month.



My foot !! IT'S MY MONEY!! I paid IN cash for my pension.
Just because they borrowed the money to spend on other things, that doesn't make my pension some kind of charity or handout!!

Remember MP's benefits? ---

free healthcare,
outrageous retirement packages,
67 days paid holidays,
three weeks paid holidays,
unlimited paid sick days.

Now that really should be called welfare entitlements, yet they have the nerve to call my O A P retirement payments entitlements?
We're "broke" and the government can't help our own OAPs, our ex-service personnel, our orphans or our homeless

Yet in the past few years we have provided aid to Haiti, Chile, Turkey, India, Pakistan, etc., etc., etc. Literally, BILLIONS of Pounds !!!

But they can't help our own citizens!

Our retired seniors living on a 'fixed old age pension have to beg social services to receive additional aid, while our government and religious organizations pour hundreds of billions of £££ tons of food to foreign countries!
They call the old age pension an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives, and now, when it's time for us to collect, the government is running out of money.
Why did the government borrow from it in the first place?
It was supposed to be in a securely locked box, not to be used as part of the Government's general funds.