Group News





October Meeting

There were 10 members present, with apologies from 3 members.

It was nice to welcome back Ted our guest from last month who is now a member of the fellowship.

Secretary Report:

Mike was unable to attend the meeting


Chairman Report

Beryl had nothing to report.


Treasurer Report

Eric gave an account of the groups finances up to this meeting.


Any Other Business

Following our discussion last month on benefits for Carers Credit and Carers Allowance, member David, who belongs to a carers charity gave us more information on these benefits.

Ted raised the subject of Blue Badges and said over the past few years his walking had become worse and unfortunately he wasn't able to get one due to him not being on any benefits and being over 65 could not claim now. The group thought that he may be able to get a Blue Badge through his Doctor and he has an appointment due so would ask him.

Eric said he was experiencing pain in his "good" knee and pain in his "bad" leg from the hip down and despite trying numerous "pain gels"  nothing seemed to help. It was the consensus of the group that this was probably bone related and not muscular and suggested seeing the Doctor.

Also discussed was to do with hand controls in cars and who to approach over them.