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April Meeting

There were 7 members present, with apologies from 5 members.

Our meeting was mainly discussion based regarding falls and in particular The Lone Ranger..(alias. Bryan). Who had had a nasty fall in his shed and the bruising around his face and eyes resembled the character less the horse of course. Very sore I should think.

Beryl surprised us all to advise that Ted Hill had resigned very suddenly on the 16/02/2018. And no additional information was forthcoming.

Treasurer absent so no report.

Secretary.. it was noted that in the latest bulletin were a number of "in memorium" write ups from branches, when we had been turned down for the same thing for Joe and Brian.?

We have received a letter from central office regarding the start of GDPR. Or data protection. If you do not complete the pages in the bulletin regarding contact detail and post in to central office by 20th May you may not be included.

We ended with a discussion on inappropriate language. All had a say.


May Meeting

There were 10 members present, with apologies from 2 members.

Before the meeting started Joan informed the members that she had received a phone call of Jean {Bryan's wife) to say that Bryan had suffered a slight stroke and was in Hospital. Joan passed around a get well card for members to write their good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Mike reported that he had tried in vain to find any information regarding the departure of Ted Hill from the position of Chief Executive, with Eric also saying he had not been able to gain any information even from the Polio Fellowship website.

We again discussed the GDPR forms and the importance of sending them back. Eric said he had done his online from the Polio website.

With Bryan in Hospital, Eric having been in Hospital and Member Jean about to go in Hospital it was a good time to remind the group about telling health professionals that you are a Polio survivor and may need special care, especially if having a General Anesthetic.

Eric gave a report on the finances and submitted a balance sheet for the accounts year ending 31st December 2017 of which copies had been sent to Head Office in february.

Mike gave apologies for not being able to attend the meetings in June,July and August due to holidays.