About Us

 You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you

Dale Carnegie


In the summer of 2002 our founder, Brian, approached the British Polio Fellowship with a view to starting a group for the Greater Manchester polio survivors. This led to the Fellowship sending out letters to all its members in the Greater Manchester area inviting them to contact Brian, the outcome being six members attended the first meeting in January 2003. Today we have over 50 members and are growing each year.


Founder: Brian

Sadly no longer with us.

Unfortunately Brian was Diagnosed with throat cancer in 2013 and after undergoing an operation to assist his breathing and eating, complications set in and he contracted Pneumonia and passed away a few days later.


Chairman: Beryl

Joined the group in August 2004 after attending a Self-management Course at Tameside College where she met some members of the group. Also participating was Pam who also started to come to our meetings.
Beryl caught the polio virus at the age of 3 years and 10 months and spent 6 months in Booth Hall Hospital in Manchester. Although attending a state school she was eventually 'sacked' for continuously falling over and moved on to the Margaret Barclay residential school for crippled children in Mobberley, Cheshire.
Most of her working life was taken up with office work which came to an end when she and Husband, Ian, had a Daughter. She eventually worked for Stockport Social Services looking after the running of a day care centre.

Secretary: Mike

Mike joined the group during late 2007 after viewing the fellowship website for information on PPS. Contacted Polio in 1951 as a seven year old, and taken to Woking Hospital and then onto Ottershaw Isolation Hospital in London, this over a period of 18 months and then a further 6 months intensive physio/massage (his specialist did not believe in callipers). He was told to "walk" which eventually he did, and he will be forever grateful to that man. Over the following eight years he had a number of operations to keep the Achilles tendon stretched which allows him to walk.
With the help of his wife Kath and a loving caring family, he has enjoyed a successful business career in the Fleet Transport Industry and retired in 2006 due to PPS, fatigue and muscle spasms. Hobbies: - Painting, "Ancestry", Altrincham Football Club and enjoying his ever increasing family.

Treasurer: Eric

Eric contracted polio in 1951 at the age of seven. He attended Gartside Street Hospital in Manchester as an outpatient for two years and wore a calliper on one leg. Eric also suffered from asthma and at the age of ten was sent to Styal open air school in Cheshire; now a women’s prison. Leaving School at 15 he started as a machine man at printers in Knott Mill, Manchester and was in the print game until 1973 when the late effects of polio first started to bite. No longer able to stand for long periods he bought a newsagents shop and was to do this until 2002 when further surgery on his polio leg persuaded him to retire. Eric joined our group in July 2003 and because of his experience as Treasurer in the Widnes Darts League; a position he held for over twenty years, he was asked to take the treasurer’s job. His hobbies are watching football, and computing.